To determine the best route to reach your destination, determine where you are located (origin) on the System Route Map, then find where you want to go (destination). Look at the BMT bus routes near where you are and near where you want to go, and select one that serves both your origin and destination.

To determine what time the bus will arrive at your point of origin along your route, find the color-coded schedule for that route BELOW, look at the time points across the top of the schedule. To judge the time that the bus will come to a stop near you, check the times for the time points just before and after your stop. Follow the same procedure to figure out what time you will arrive at your destination.

If you need help using the System Route Map or Schedule Guides, call Beaumont Transit Services at 409- 835-7895.  BMT Rutas

1 – Magnolia 2 – Parkdale 3 – Calder 4 – South 11th 5 – Pine
6 – Refinery 7 – South Park 8 – Pear Orchard 9 – Laurel 10 – College